Red Poll Cattle

Our Cattle

Native to Norfolk and Suffolk, Red Poll has evolved as a dual purpose breed of cattle producing both milk and beef. We have a herd of Red Poll Cattle which spend the majority of the year on our ESA (environmentally sensitive area) grazing marshes. During the winter, the Red Poll graze catch crops such as stubble turnips, all of their winter diet is produced on the farm.

Calving takes place in early spring, when the cows go out to lush green grass with their calves. Calves are weaned as late as possible, to take advantage of the cows milk. The calves grow well on their mothers milk as the cows are very milky. They are then grown on naturally.

Red Poll Cattle

Breed Qualities

The beef is superb quality and known for:

  • Exceptional Tenderness
  • Good Marbling
  • Fine Grain
  • Succulent Texture
  • Full Flavour

The beef is matured by our local butcher and is sold in packs to customer’s specification. We deliver nationwide.

According to Clarissa Dickson Wright, Red Poll has:

“An exquisite and unique flavour from a mature meat of a very individualistic old breed. TRY IT!”

It tastes like beef used to taste!

Red Poll Cattle