Heckingham Hall

Equestrian Arena

Heckingham Hall offers a 30 x 60m arena for hire. The surface consists of graded equestrian sand topped with X Ride premium fibre supplied by Equestrian X. This combination provides one of the best springy surfaces available and is usable in all weather conditions, including frost. The arena is fully fenced and gated for your safety.

The arena further includes the use of a professional set of Jump4Joy show-jumps. This includes, bright fillers, planks and even a water tray. Sue Peasley, a professional level 5 course builder, will regularly set a course of jumps.

By hiring out the Heckingham Hall Arena you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please read and accept these before booking a slot.

Heckingham Hall


The Gallops at Heckingham Hall are available to hire too and are on a circular track with an Equestrian X Premium surface, suitable for all disciplines (even if you just want to come and have fun).

Walking and trotting on the Gallops can also train a young horse to develop a forward rhythmic pace without the restraints of being in an arena.

The track is marked out every 100 meters and also in furlongs for you to practice your pace and achieve ultimate fitness for your horse. Instructors can also be arranged to come and assist you during your time on the Gallops.

Equestrian Arena & Gallops


1 horse and 1 rider = £20
2 horses, 1 rider = £25
2 horses, 2 riders = £30
3 horses, 2 riders = £35
3 horses, 3 riders =£40

1 horse and 1 rider = £20

Private Booking
(Arena & Gallops)

1 horse and 1 rider = £30

Pricing is per slot of up to one hour. A maximum of 3 horses and 3 riders are permitted in the arena at any one time. A private booking option is available to hire out at additional cost for both the arena and the gallops if desired.

Equestrian Arena & Gallops


7.5T Horse Boxes (3 horses)
Please do not use Briar Lane or School Lane from Hales.
Please use Ferry Road or Norton Road via Loddon,

3.5T or Cars & Trailers
Please use Briar Lane, Ferry Road or come via Loddon