Our Sheep

We produce continental cross lambs out of North Country Mules.

Lambing takes place at the beginning of March, with a tight lambing period. We use high index texel rams. We lamb outdoors and turn the ewe and lambs away to ESA (environmentally sensitive area) marsh grass at the beginning of April where there is a good supply of fresh grass for them to grow. Our lambs are all naturally fed.


Meat & Stock

We supply fat lambs at the beginning of June to our local abattoir, who supplies local butchers. We also sell lamb in packs to the customers, cut to their specification. Some ewe lambs are sold as breeding stock and are selected for their conformation and quality. We deliver nationwide.

The weaned lambs that are not fat (store lambs) are carried over to winter and are sold to the abattoir in the new year. They are fattened on stubble turnips grown on our farm after harvest.

“Heckingham Hall breed only the highest quality livestock on ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) Land.”