Terms and conditions for the use of Heckingham Hall Arena

  1. Parking is on the concrete pad next door to the arena.
  2. Please leave the arena as found. This includes leaving the jumps and fillers in their original format and not dismantled or moved. Any altering of the height is acceptable.
  3. Please clean up all droppings from the arena and try to leave as much of the arena behind as possible, there are gloves provided to make this easier.
  4. Please report back any damages immediately.
  5. Anyone who cancels their booking within 24hrs of their slot is not entitled to a refund. A transfer of the booking maybe allowed at the discretion of Heckingham Hall Arena.
  6. Dogs are welcome but must stay controlled on a lead and their droppings must be cleaned up.
  7. A current safety standard hat with a chin strap and boots are to be worn at all times when mounted. Body protectors are encouraged.
  8. Heckingham Hall Arena is not responsible for any injuries, diseases, accidents, damages or loss incurred by any person using the arena. All persons attending the venue do so at their own risk.
  9. All horses must be up to date with their annual flu vaccinations and must not be showing any symptoms of illness. Random spot checks may occur.
  10. Heckingham Hall Arena reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time. This maybe due to adverse weather or other unprecedented circumstances.
  11. The site is monitored by 24-7 CCTV.
  12. Please always be accompanied when using the arena.
  13. When hiring the arena, you are agreeing that you have read and agreed to abide by all the above terms and conditions.