Guided Walk

A farm walk and guided tour with the farmer are available at Heckingham Hall, Heckingham.

The walk takes about an hour and is followed by lunch or cream tea, using home produced or locally sourced food.

Availability limited and prior booking is essential. The walk and meal are subject to an additional charge per head, which depends upon the meal taken and the numbers of adults and children.

Walks Around Heckingham Hall

You are very welcome to walk around our fields, which are those numbered 7675, 1471, 9061, 0542, 4818, 1561 on the map below. Beneath this is a Google map showing the public footpaths around us. There are many more walks in the local area, which are listed in our page on days out.

Please remember that this is a working farm and be aware of hazards that you might expect to find in the countryside such as uneven ground, rabbit holes, and on-going farming operations. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear.

The fields are arable and have crops grown in rotation. Around the edges of the fields are 8 metre grass/flower margins. These are sown with wild flowers for the insects and birds. Please do not walk on the crops and avoid walking on the grass margins from March until June during the growing season. Please walk on the edge of the margins during this time. Birds nest from March until June so please keep dogs under control. We have lapwings, English partridges, Chinese water deer, muntjac deer, barn owls, tawny owls, kestrals, and marsh harriers and flocks of birds that feed on our bird cover strips. Please note that walking with dogs can scare the birds away.