It’s been the wettest summer since 1912!  Or so we are told. I think we have been quite lucky here in the east, with less rain that some areas of England and finally we have had some good spells of sunshine during August.  The spring barley Propino yielded better than I thought and there is lots of straw in contrast to last year.

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All the lambs are now weaned and were turned onto silage aftermath. The ewes have been dried off and will be prepared for tupping on the 1st of October.


The Blonde cows have not enjoyed this summer as they dislike wet weather. It has been essential to give them supplementary feed such as barley straw. Calves are receiving creep feed. In contrast, the Red Polls are looking very good on the same type of pasture with very well grown calves.  They are a native breed to Norfolk/Suffolk and were bred for grazing marshland.

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